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How To Build A Strong Incentive Plan For Collectors

If you own a debt collection agency, one tool you must DEFINITELY have in your arsenal is incentives. It’s what successful businesses use to keep their workforce fired-up and committed. So, if you come across any collection agency where the phones are buzzing, the energy is electric, and collectors are […]

Legal Collections vs. Non-Legal Collections

We’ve all been there. The unsavory feeling when we’re owed some money but the debtor is not very keen to do what’s necessary. It’s annoying, it’s tiring, and it can drain multiple wallets. Unpaid debts are somewhat like those small pebbles in your shoe; they may be small, but they […]

10 Must-Know Debt Collection Negotiation Strategies

Debt collection is similar to tug of war. Here you are at one end, straining your every fiber to pull those dollars closer to you. Meanwhile, the debtor is at the other end, striving to ensure the money doesn’t end up in your hands. It’s a task that’s full of […]

11 Must-Visit Debt Collection Conferences

To the outside world, the debt collection industry is nothing but a thorn in people’s flesh. And that’s just the kindest comment among the several unfair, bad raps they get. However, for those who are actually in the know-how of what transpires in the financial world, debt collectors are regarded […]

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