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10 Must-Know Debt Collection Negotiation Strategies

Debt collection is similar to tug of war. Here you are at one end, straining your every fiber to pull those dollars closer to you. Meanwhile, the debtor is at the other end, striving to ensure the money doesn’t end up in your hands. It’s a task that’s full of […]

11 Must-Visit Debt Collection Conferences

To the outside world, the debt collection industry is nothing but a thorn in people’s flesh. And that’s just the kindest comment among the several unfair, bad raps they get. However, for those who are actually in the know-how of what transpires in the financial world, debt collectors are regarded […]

Calling All Collections Industry Leaders

Calling All Collections Industry Leaders Are you a Collections Industry Leader? Do you have ideas you want to share with other professionals in the industry? Are you doing enough to build your personal brand? We want to offer professionals in the industry the opportunity to share their tips, ideas, and […]

NARCA 2015 Spring Collection Conference

NARCA 2015 Spring Collection Conference We are pleased and excited to announce that we will be sponsoring and exhibiting at this year’s National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) Spring Collection Conference in Nashville Tennessee! Our founder, Nico Becerra, has been involved with NARCA for many years, attending conferences and […]

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