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Are You Taking Advantage of the Free Access to a Company Profile?

Do you want free access to a Company Profile? In an effort to help everyone get a feel for our site, we decided that during our beta launch we would give FREE access to Company Profiles to every business interested in posting jobs for our Candidate Members. It’s not always […]

DBA International 18th Annual Conference: Passport to the Future

Well, as you all know, we’re really big on education for industry professionals. I mean, it’s in our company values for crying out loud. So it’s only natural that we let you know about a conference that’s coming up this February that includes a whole lot of educating and networking […]

Company Spotlight: Select Resource Group & Why Consumers Should Thank Debt Collectors!

Yep, we said it. It’s not written incorrectly, but popular to contrary belief, debt collectors actually help consumers, and not just the consumers they speak to on the phones, but ALL consumers. What debt collectors and debt collection companies do, adds tremendous value to our United States’ economy, and that’s exactly why consumers should […]

Setting Effective Goals For Collectors

“What’s my goal this month?” is a common question you’ll hear from collectors. But then again, it depends on where they work and how their managers put their goal together. Setting effective goals for your collectors is one of, if not the most important piece of developing an effective collection […]