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If you haven’t heard/learned about, we’re a new site that was developed to help unite all the hard working professionals in the industry, but more importantly, to help you find bill collector jobs! Our site will include features that will allow users to create a ‘Candidate Profile’ where they can add their; resume, skills, work experience, etc. so that they can showcase their talents to the ‘Company Profiles’ who may be looking to employ them. But the site isn’t just about finding jobs, although in this economy and with the industry the way that it is, we imagine finding a good job, or filling a spot with a great candidate is not easy to do. The site also includes; networking tools that allow you to connect with other people in the industry, the ability to endorse and be endorsed by your connections for your skills and proficiencies, a compliance testing tool that will help you hone your skills on the laws and regulations that rule our industry, and a search engine tool that helps candidates search for jobs across the country, and companies to search for candidates in their area or across the country. Each user will be assigned a ‘2Score’, which consists of multiple factors. The more you fill out your profile with information, the more connections you have, the more endorsements you get, and the more tests you take will all be factored into your ‘2Score’. This way, when a Company is looking for candidates, you will be ranked against your peers for your overall status on the site. Hey, you can even work to be a top ranked collector and be showcased to all the users on the site!


Along with all the great features we have on our site, what you’ll find here is different than what you get at Craigslist or even Monster and Indeed. Here, we have a tailor made site to help you find the best bill collector jobs in the USA! Companies can create profiles to help you find the best fit for you. This is “smart” recruiting and bill collector jobs searching. Don’t waste any more time on those other sites, get to searching here, today!

Now, those are the general features of the site, but there is one more thing… THE BLOG! This blog is going to be a place where we can post articles about the industry, such as; tips on how to be a better professional in the workplace,  reviews on the tools that are available to us, changes in regulation and case law, how to crush an interview, and even some satirical posts to keep it light. We don’t want to be serious all the time; you have to have fun too. Happy workers are the best workers! So we invite you to read our posts, comment with your opinions, offer us ideas on what you would like to read about, and let us know if you have a great story you’d like to share.

This blog isn’t like the other Collections Industry news sources. We aren’t here to write some academic review of industry issues, this is a blog for the people in the industry to read about things they can connect with, laugh about, and even learn from. We want you to not only enjoy our posts, we want you to feel a part of them too! There are over 400,000 people in our industry, and we know how hard it is to be working in collections these days. We want to show our appreciation for everyone, all the way to the file room and back. We know what it’s like to be a collector, a skip tracer, a dialer, a legal clerk, a posting clerk, a team leader, a collection manager, even an owner. We hope you enjoy the blog, and feel free to comment with feedback, share our posts on Facebook, print something out to share with your colleagues, and if you want to reach out to us with an idea or to share a story, email us at and we’ll get back to you!

If you’re reading the blog and you get caught up on a term or phrase we use, make sure to check out our Blog Lingo + Definitions page to learn about the terms we use.


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  1. Lisa - August 29, 2014, 1:38 pm Reply

    Great idea! Can’t wait to see more from the site.

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