Social Share $500 Cash Contest!

Did you hear about the movement???

We invite you to help spread the word about and tell everyone about our movement 2 Keep Calm and Collect Money! #2KCCM! This includes a chance to win $500 in cash! All you have to do is email us your company’s address and we will send you a care package with some goodies. The instructions on how to win the cash prize are below!

 We want to help you “2 Keep Calm and Collect Money”!

 Be proud of what you do, and know that we appreciate your hard work and want to see you continue to succeed in your profession!

 Thank you for all that you do for our industry!

 #2KCCM $500 Cash Contest!

 Once we launch our site and get enough care packages out, we will have a contest for the best #2KCCM photo on Instagram. We will pick the top 5 photos and post them on our Facebook page. Then it’s up to you to get the most likes for your photo on the Facebook page. After the voting closes, the photo with the most likes on Facebook will get the winner a check for $500!!! Second place will get a brand new pair of green (of course) Beats by Dre headphones!

Send us an email now at to get your care package sent to your company!

 And as always #2KCCM!

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