Monday Motivation 09-15-2014

Happy Monday everybody! Well, we’re officially at Mid-Month. Depending on how your office splits the month up, you may or may not be focusing on a mid-month closeout. Either way, as an individual collector you should know that you should be posting up numbers of at least 50% to goal at the end of today. Two weeks into this month, and as we’ve been saying all along, it’s going by FAST. Hopefully you have already lined up some good promises and secured some PDCs for EOM. Here’s some tips for you to try to kick start your mid-month personal closeout!

  • Organize your accounts into three categories (Payers + Promises, Hots + New Accounts, and Skips)
  • Unless you HAVE to hit your Skip Accounts today, try to focus on your New Accounts and your Hot Accounts
    • The goal is to hit the phones hard today. Try to get new people on the phone or get promises from your hot accounts. Save your skip trace efforts until Terrible Tuesday.
  • Review your promises for EOM and if you haven’t spoken to any one of them lately, give them a call to follow up and see if they can make their promised payment today. Nothing like securing funds early.
  • Review your PPAs and see if they would be interested in increasing their payments by 10% starting this month.
  • Talk to your manager about putting a contest together for a Mid-Month Closeout.
    • Contest/Spiff Ideas include; Most RPCs, Most Calls, Biggest Payment For Today, Most Gross $ Collected Today
    • Remember you can split these into shifts/hours/etc. So no matter what is going on, try to stay motivated for the day ahead!

So good luck today getting on the phones and securing some funds. Hopefully you’ll have a good Mail Monday! Hopefully by EOD you’ll be at 50% or more to goal and on your way to having a great month and getting that bonus check! Don’t forget to check out Blog Lingo post just in case you don’t recognize or know some of our terms! As always we leave you with something unrelated to work, to help fulfill your web surfing desires so you can get to work! When you hit your goal, you can be just as pumped up as this kid!!!!  LOL

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