Monday Motivation 09-08-2014

Happy Monday! Well, hopefully your NFL team won this weekend, there were quite a few upsets though, so hopefully you didn’t fall victim to that. Summer is officially over and kids are going back to school, football season is back, and the holidays are coming soon. We’re a week into September and, like we stressed last week, it’s a short month so make sure you are prepared for how quickly this month will actually go by. With the holidays coming up, we all need to start thinking about putting some money aside for the holiday season. Whether you have to get your family gifts, your husband/wife a new toy, or even buy yourself a new TV, there’s no better way to set aside some money for the holidays than to make extra money. So our tip this week to help you stay motivated and prepare for the holidays is for both collectors and non-collectors. Collector Tip: Remember with the end of the year coming up consumers are looking to get rid of some debts. Not only that, but their family may be willing to help them out by paying off their debt as a Christmas/Holiday gift. The sooner you start introducing this idea into your talk off, the better chances you will have at securing some promises for the next couple months. You may be able to convince someone to ask their family to help them pay it off early so that they can save their own money to buy gifts for their families as well. Just remember, the holidays usually bring families together, and borrowing money, or asking for help on their debts is a great way for consumers to get rid of some of their debt. Think about incorporating the idea into your talk off, and try to get some money in the door before EOM. Good luck! Support Staff Tip: Almost every debt collection company has a bonus or commission plan for their collectors, and sometimes this can frustrate the support staff who feel like they don’t have a good way of making some extra cash for the holidays. Here’s a tip for the support staff people looking to make an extra effort to bring in some cash for the holidays. If you have a bonus plan for your non-collection related work, that’s great. Make sure you do your best to be at the top of the group so you can earn that bonus. If you don’t have a bonus plan, talk to your manager to see what they can put together for the holidays. EOY is always a stressful time for collection agencies and law firms, they want everything to be in order and most importantly do everything they can to end the year with good collection numbers. So we think you should ask how you can get a bonus plan for the holidays, but make sure you don’t say something like “Why do the collectors have a bonus plan and we don’t.” because no one likes that argument. Go in there and find ways that you can add value, lend a helping hand, or find another goal your boss wants for your department and make a contest out of it. Collectors get bonuses because of the type of job they do, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good bonus opportunities for support staff. You can do an attendance bonus, where they pay a bonus for everyone who has perfect attendance throughout the holidays. You could take on an extra project to help prepare your department for the end of year. AND, you can always hop on the phones and help bring in some money! Well, we hope you had a good weekend, watched some football and enjoyed a relaxing couple days. Make sure you go out and do whatever you can to ensure that you end September with a bang! We leave you with this video of a volcano that recently erupted in Papua New Guinea, that’s the kind of explosiveness we want you to bring to your job! Don’t forget to check out our social share contest too! A chance to win $500 or a pair of Beats headphones!

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